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How To Apply to PREP

You will find the application on (

  1. In the green box under "Applicants", click the "External Applicants" link
  2. Click on the "STAFF" tab
  3. In the search bar, search for REQ4  
  4. Find the Job Title"Research Assistant/PREP scholar" and click on the link
  5. Click "Apply Now" on the left hand side.

***If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email

The following documnts are required for your online application:

  • A cover letter indicating how you meet the eligibility criteria, including a statement as to why you require an additional year of training before entering graduate school. Please upload this to the Cover Letter section.
  • A resume/Curriculum Vitae. Please upload this in the Resume section.
  • A statement of future career goals, and how this training program will assist you in attaining those goals. Applicants whose primary interests lie in application to Medical School or Pharmacy School will be disqualified. Also include a prioritized list of three PREP Faculty Mentors whom you have identified from the mentors list. Additional professors at UNM will be eligible to be PREP Mentors, so if you identify an individual not on the list please let us know. Please upload this in the Other section.

In addition to your online application, we ask you to send in the following documents

  • A minimum of THREE letters of recommendation
  • ALL official college transcripts

Please send theses document to:


  • PREP (Antonio Bañuelos)

         219 Yale Blvd NE

         Albuquerque NM