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Former PREP Scholars

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ScholarCohortCurrent Position
Amanda Acevedo2012-2013University of California-Irvine
Lizath Aguiniga2009-2010Accepted to Northwestern University, Integrated Graduate Program
Anthony Arceci2012-2013Accepted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Miguel Barberena2011-2012Medical Student at the University of New Mexico
Blake Bluestein2011-2012Graduate student at the University of Washington
Jose Cornejo2009-2010Accepted to the University of New Mexico, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department
Ashley DeAguero2011-2012Graduate Student at The University fo New Mexico
Jacqueline De Lora2010-2011University of New Mexico Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)
Candice Espinoza2011-2012Accepted to the University of Cincinnati - Immunology
Christa Flitcroft2009-2010Accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Psychology Program-Biopsychology
Sarah Franco2011-2012Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin
Gloria Herrera2010-2011University of New Mexico Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)
Anthony Iuso2012-2013University of Utah
Raymond Lee2012-2013University of California-Riverside
Jason Long2010-2011Northwestern University
Samuel Lopez-Nieves2011-2012Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin- Madison
Erick Maravilla2010-2011University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrea McQuate2010-2011University of Washington
Andrew Meier2012-2013Washington University in St. Louis
Journey Nolan2010-2011University of New Mexico Biology Department
Janeth Pena2010-2011University of New Mexico Biology Department
Monica Saha2012-2013University of Kansas
Bobby Sena2011-2012Medical School at the University of New Mexico
Raquela Thomas2009-2010Accepted to the Medical University of South Carolina, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences
Phillip Webster2012-2013University of Texas in San Antonio

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