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Alfredo Bolanos


Alfredo Bolanos

Cohort: 2015-2016

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julia Stephen

Department: Neurosciences

Home Institution: San Francisco State University

Research Interests: Neuroimaging

Scholar Description

I completed my BA in Psychology at San Francisco State University, where I was a research assistant for two labs, The Personality and Well Being Lab 2013-14 and The Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab 2013-14. My interest lie in Neuroscience, specifically I am interested in the development of the typical and atypical nervous system. I am currently working with Dr. Stephen, at the Mind Research Network, on research involving Magnetoencephalography (MEG) to investigate both sensory and cognitive functioning to better understand normal and abnormal brain functioning. Our main goal is to characterize the normal functioning of the brain, in order to increase our understanding of atypical brain development in neurodevelopmental disorders such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. A multimodal neuroimaging approach is used to better understand neurodevelopmental disorders, to ultimately provide guidance for improved intervention and treatment. My future career goals involve applying to PhD programs for Neuroscience in order to continue research on the development of the nervous system and ultimately become a lifetime researcher and professor of Neuroscience.

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