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Casey Simoes


Casey Simoes

Cohort: 2017-2018

Faculty Mentor: Karlett Parra

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Home Institution: University of New Mexico

Research Interests: Genetic Engineering

Scholar Description

My name is Casey Troy Simoes. I was born and raised here in Albuquerque. I graduated in 2017 with two B.S. Degrees in Biology and Biochemistry. Throughout college, I worked at Sandia National Laboratories, initially in physical defense before moving to a Chemistry lab where I have been for the past two years. I have since moved to Dr. Karlett Parra's lab, studying how V-ATPase is regulated using genetic modification techniques. This will eventually help us understand enough about how V-ATPase is regulated to potentially use it as a drug target to treat cancer. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing video games, talking with my boyfriend, listening to music, critiquing movies, and I am currently dabbling in animation artwork.

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