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Emily Alden**


Emily Alden

Cohort: 2017-2018

Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Edwards

Department: Chemistry

Home Institution: The University of New Mexico

Research Interests: The development of new genomics technologies to improve disease diagnoses and treatment options.

Scholar Description

My name is Emily Alden. I recently graduated from the University of New Mexico with my BS in Biochemistry in 2016. I began volunteering in the lab of Dr. Jeremy Edwards prior to graduation and becoming a Flybase scholar. I have decided to continue in this lab and further my research on the development of new tools for genome analysis. I currently have two projects in the works. The first is the manipulation of a transposase enzyme to create single-stranded DNA insertions to improve library preparation techniques. The second is the fluorescent visualization and spacial sequencing of mRNA in permeabilized tumor tissues using mouse models. After my time with PREP/Flybase I plan to pursue a career in biomedical research and would like to continue to research novel genome analysis techniques and apply that to improving diagnosis and treatment options for those with autoimmune disorders

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