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Michaela Granados


Michaela Granados

Cohort: 2014-2015

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sabrina Samudio-Ruiz

Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Home Institution: The University of New Mexico

Research Interests: Molecular Genetics, Drug Resistance, Cancer Biology & Epigenetics

Scholar Description

Originally from Los Angeles, CA I moved to Albuquerque, NM and attended Valley High School and later graduated from the University of New Mexico with bachelor's degrees in Biology and Chemistry. My main research interests revolve around findings in cancer biology and drug resistance, specifically in women's gynecological cancers, which I have had the opportunity to make my research project in Dr. Sabrina Samudio-Ruiz's lab since becoming a FlyBase/PREP Scholar. Recently, I have been exposed to the field of proteomics and studies involving groups of “rare responders”. I hope to gain acceptance into a PhD program that will allow me to incorporate these topics in a translational science friendly environment, so that I have easy access to human subjects and clinical trials. Although I spend most of my days with my cells, I like to teach indoor cycling, shop, and spend time with friends and family during my free time.

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