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Sandra Ortega


Sandra Ortega

Cohort: 2014-2015

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bryce Chackerian

Department: Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Home Institution: The University of New Mexico

Research Interests: Genetics & Microbiology

Scholar Description

As an undergraduate I gained research experience with DNA in both the Biology and Biomedical Engineering Departments at UNM. I am now conducting research at UNM North campus in the Biomedical Research Labs. I work in Dr. Bryce Chackerian’s lab and my mentor; Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Kathryn Frietze is developing a vaccination for Chlamydia. I am excited to have joined this specific lab because I am interested in pursuing a PhD and carrying out research related to vaccination development. I have three beautiful children that have encouraged me throughout my academic career and I am happy to be a positive role model in their life. I hope that they will find encouragement through my successes.

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