Gabriela Perales


Gabriela Perales

Cohort: 2016-2017

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nora Perrone-Bizzozero

Department: Neuroscience

Home Institution: The University of New Mexico

Research Interests: identifying microRNAs and their putative targets in E18 cortices of embryos exposed to alcohol vs. controls

Scholar Description

I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in biotechnology and a minor in chemistry. I also obtained a second major in Spanish. I started working in Dr. Perrone-Bizzozzeros’s lab since my senior year and continued in her laboratory throughout my year in PREP. My current research project focuses on the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure using a rodent model. Specifically, I am looking at a miRNA and its putative targets in the cortex of pups in relation to angiogenesis and embryonic development. After my year in PREP, I am planning to go onto graduate school and continue my research in the neurosciences.

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